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Speaker Opportunity

Hello MNGCA!

The facilitator from the Maple Grove Critical Conversation group reached out asking if any MN genetic counselor (or a genetic counseling student looking for an experience to add to their resume!) would be available to speak generally about genetic counseling at their June 8th 10-12 meeting. This group has monthly programs in-person at the Maple Grove Community Center on extremely varied topics. The facilitator noted this would be unpaid, but they are very interactive and speakers generally have loved their group. What exactly is presented and in what format is quite flexible. Some speakers bring a PowerPoint presentation, but others just talk. Ideas of what to discuss include what is genetic counseling, who should consider genetic counseling, pros and cons to genetic testing, any implications for insurance, etc.

If you are possibly interested or have questions, you can reach out to the facilitator Laurie Karnes by emailing or calling 763-420-6350.


Katy Schroepfer (Vice-Chair)

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