Calling all Cancer Counselors!

First, we’d like to thank Denise Jones, Shanda Phippen, Rachel Riesgraf, Katie Baker-Lange, Ashley Daley, Sara​h Kroc, Elisabeth Wurtmann and Jessica Bortnova for your contributions over the last few years in organizing Cancer Club!

Second, we’d like to ask for a call to action for counselors interested in joining the Cancer Club Committee. Many may think - I’m not sure, I may be interested, but what is it that I would be signing up for? Great question!

Typically, the Cancer Club starts gathering in April or May to begin planning a Cancer Club Conference, typically occurring in August. Based on past members, the estimated time commitment is approximately 20 hours or less of work in coordinating over the months between to ensure deadlines are met, etc.

What could a member expect to be doing, helping coordinate, etc?

(More details can be provided to those interested),

  1. Set a date and announce to membership through the MNGCA board

  2. Establish speakers for the meeting

  3. Determine cost, working with MNGCA board

  4. Create and set agenda, submitting required CEU forms for category 1 CEUs to NSGC

  5. Send reminders prior to the meeting to the presenters and meeting attendees

  6. Be present day of the meeting for any zoom issues, questions from presenters, etc

  7. Upon meeting completion, submit required documentation to NSGC

Please reach out with your interest and we will happily connect folks together!

The MNGCA Board

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