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A genetic counselor working in the field of neurology specializes in understanding conditions that affect the brain, the nerves, and muscles.

These conditions may result in problems with movement, memory, strength, or coordination.

The Minnesota Genetic Counselor Association

Genetic counselors may meet with patients in a neurology clinic for the following reasons:

  • Personal or family history of a hereditary neurological disorder

  • Concerns about future risk of developing a neurological disorder

  • To discuss the availability and utility of genetic testing for neurological diseases

Examples of conditions for which individuals might be referred to a neurology genetic counselor include:


Hereditary dementias (Alzheimer disease, frontotemporal dementia)

Muscular dystrophies (Duchenne, limb-girdle, myotonic dystrophy)

Movement disorders (Huntington disease, ataxia)

Hereditary neuropathies (Charcot Marie Tooth)

Mitochondrial disorders

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